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About The Artist

Mary Lou Blackledge’s paintings are a ticket into your imagination. Her palette is vibrant and visually exciting, built around dynamic color harmonies that entice the viewer into the painting. You will find enigmatic imagery and hidden story elements galore. Blackledge crafts her titles carefully as a kind of ‘traveler’s guide’ to the piece, a literary framework for the visionary journey which awaits.

She says, “I want to engage people in an imaginative way and to create paintings that unleash the creative potential within the viewer’s own brain. My paintings are essentially stories, told and understood through the language of the human imagination. My goal is to take the viewer on a creative journey that brings out their inner visionary.”

Blackledge observes that many of the technology advancements of recent years have reduced the amount of time we spend in the receptive state required to hone the imagination. She posits, “Your imagination is the most powerful tool you possess.  I create my work to charm the viewer into just that receptive state where they can experience a visionary journey and begin to see the extraordinary within the ordinary … the very definition of the purpose of the imagination.”